About the Work

‘Intangible’ is a short comic that explores what the future for Malaysian food culture and agriculture may look like through the eyes of Intan, a scholar from Earth visiting an agriculture vessel in space. Through her interaction with the vessel’s captain Ms. Tan, she learns about the past and her place in the grand scheme of things. With the blatant destruction of Malaysian rainforests happening at an alarmingly increasing frequency of late against the backdrop of climate change, the resulting loss of local flora and fauna could very well end with the disappearance of heritage dishes such as Nasi Ulam, and efforts to preserve national heritage may soon transcend racial divides.

See related references for this work:

Recalling Forgotten Tastes : Of Illustrated Edible Plants, Food and Memories, Syarifah Nadhirah 

Kali Ciesemier’s Illustration for Mike Mitchell’s SPACE! The Gallery Show, Kali Ciesemier

Fate of Malaysian forests stripped of protection points to conservation stakes, Mongabay, 2021

About the Creative

Max Loh is a comics maker and voracious eater. His work frequently occupies the intersection of socio-political issues and food, and has been published by The Nib, New Naratif, Sourced, SingPoWriMo, Image Comics, and Maplé Comics. He is a founding member of UNNAMED and the co-author of the graphic novel, We’ll Eat When We’re Done with Dave Chua. He is currently hard at work on his yet unannounced book where he hopes to contextualize food issues while celebrating the joy of eating.

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