Ong Yong Xiang

Illustration by Thineswari 

In the next 100 years, I envision Malaysia to be a country that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and has little to no pollution. For sustainable food and living, Malaysians would each have a vertical garden in their homes. A vertical garden is a high technology farm that can grow various vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots on a vertically suspended panel instead of horizontally like a normal farm. There are many advantages of vertical farms because they use less space than normal farms.  

Plastic has contributed to a lot of pollution and deaths of sea creatures in Malaysia. A hundred years from now, Malaysians will see the total ban of plastic to decrease pollution and prevent endangered species from going extinct. The government will slowly decrease the usage of plastic in shopping malls and other places year by year and finally totally ban the use of plastic.

Transportation will be different in a hundred years compared to today. More Malaysians will use public transportation and cars will be more eco-friendly. With the lesser use of fossil fuels, there will be little to no pollution. 


Project Future Malaysia wants to create conditions to guide an expansive vision of the future for Malaysia. This perspective will include a deeper engagement with science, technology and the various arts of literature, philosophy, film and music. By re-imagining and manifesting better alternatives for Malaysia’s future, we are freed from our everyday assumptions about what is possible. We can then imagine pathways forward which enable us to embrace bolder visions and hopeful possibilities for Malaysia’s future. If you resonate with the vision of this project, we invite you to grow and support this project via collaborations and conversations. 

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Chevening, Project Sponsor for Project Future Malaysia