Giant Leap Forward by Anurendra Jegadeva, Collection of Dipak Kaur & Arjit Singh

Giant Leap Forward by Anurendra Jegadeva

  1. There are two components to this project:

    1. The first component is an expression of interest open to Malaysian Writers, Artists and Creatives anywhere in the world. 

    2. The second component is open to Malaysians anywhere in the world 

    For both components, we encourage you to use your full name and to list your state/country and age but we understand that some themes may be deemed sensitive and in this instance, we accept a pseudonym/ alias to protect your identity.
  1. As youth voices are important, we have included two categories for both components: below 18 years old or above 18 years old at the time of submission.
  1. The term ‘Malaysian’ denotes citizenship of the country; however, we also accept submissions from Malaysian Permanent Residents and refugees/asylum seekers who are currently residing in Malaysia. 
  1. Each successful applicant will be paid a set fee of RM850 per artwork/artform piece (for a set time or length or artwork size). We are open to all types/sizes of work. This means the submitter can propose and gauge the amount of work they want to invest in it, that they feel is reasonable. Refer to the commission guide below for further information. However, this fee will be reviewed by our selection panel when we review our final list of artists and their allocated commissioned fee. 
  1. Your work may be in any art form or medium, including but not limited to film, documentary, mockumentary, animation, illustration, comics, short stories, poetry, dance, performance, music, audio pieces, visual art, comedy, drama, digital or experimental works. 
  1. You can submit your work in English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil or any other native Malaysian language, however, for any non-English and Malay language works, you are required to submit a translated description of your work in English or Malay. 
  1. For all successful commissioned works, the Writer/Artist/Creative will be required to provide a short 3-minute digital video as part of the delivery of the final work for promotional purposes. This video can be taken via a mobile phone. For example, if it is a written work, we would suggest including a 3-minute video of the writer reading the sample of the work. If it is a visual artwork, we suggest a 3-minute time relapse video of the artwork making. If it is a film, we suggest a 30-second trailer from the final work.
  1. For all commissioned works, the Project holds exclusive publishing rights for the first 3 months upon launch, and thereafter, the Writer, Artist and Creative is free to develop their story/artwork or pitch it to other publishing platforms. Copyright remains with the said writer/artist/creative.
  1. For screen works, content must be subtitled in English and/or Malay and must be able to be screened to general audiences. All audio or video footage must not infringe copyright laws.
  1. Time-based submissions (eg. performing art, screenwork, music, dance) must not exceed 5 minutes in length. Interdisciplinary works are encouraged. 
  1. All works must be new or haven’t been exhibited, published or performed before.
  1. If you would like to propose a work that is beyond the allocated duration time / length and art form, please let us know in the Expression of Interest form. The Selection Panel will also review the commission fees. 
  1. Projects will be chosen via a blind selection process by Chevening Alumni Subject Experts and Creative Arts Experts. All self-identifying information will be stripped off before the selection process takes place. 
  1. Individual or teamwork is accepted but the fee allocated would be the same – for instance, the funding will be for the work versus individual artists’ fee (if applying as a team).
  1. We are seeking works that can be shared online, and priority will be given to these works. 
  1. You can submit up to THREE expressions of interest only. 

  2. All commissioned works must acknowledge the Project Future Malaysia, Chevening and British High Commission Kuala Lumpur in text and/or the inclusion of logos.


  • Illustrations (pen and ink, acrylic, watercolour, lithography, collage, charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, woodcut, freehand digital, vector graphics, etc): 1-2 works
  • Visual artworks: 1-2 works
  • Cartoon/Comic strip (print/webcomic): 1-2 pages
  • Music: 3-5 minutes
  • Digital Podcast segment/Audio interview: 5 minutes
  • Written articles/interviews: 700-2,000 words
  • Written work of fiction: 700-2,000 words
  • Poetry: Up to 100 lines
  • Short film/video: Up to 5 minutes 
  • Recorded performance including dance, standup routine: Up to 5 minutes


Project Future Malaysia wants to create conditions to guide an expansive vision of the future for Malaysia. This perspective will include a deeper engagement with science, technology and the various arts of literature, philosophy, film and music. By re-imagining and manifesting better alternatives for Malaysia’s future, we are freed from our everyday assumptions about what is possible. We can then imagine pathways forward which enable us to embrace bolder visions and hopeful possibilities for Malaysia’s future. If you resonate with the vision of this project, we invite you to grow and support this project via collaborations and conversations. 

As a not-for-profit venture, we welcome values-aligned funders, partners and collaborators including suggestions of programming, improvements or corrections on this website and project.


Copyright of artworks and text remain with their copyright owners. Please reference Project Future Malaysia and the copyright owner(s) if you are using any images or information from this website. 


Chevening, Project Sponsor for Project Future Malaysia