Gavin Sek Chih Chai

Illustration by Jibrail Jalil

I imagine a Malaysia where cars are not a necessity, where public transport is abundant and within walking distance of our homes. Where each city has bus lanes and bicycle lanes, safe and away from the roaring traffic. Where linear parks are everywhere and imagine you can walk from the outskirt to the city. Where everyone walks, young and old and the disabled, to wherever & whenever they want & can. Where mix zone planning flourishes, there is always a little cafe somewhere around the neighbourhood where you can just walk and bike. Where the street is safe, speed limit adhered & traffic rules enforced, safe for the little kids to go out and play. Where landscaping is everywhere, the neighbourhood always lush and green. 


Project Future Malaysia wants to create conditions to guide an expansive vision of the future for Malaysia. This perspective will include a deeper engagement with science, technology and the various arts of literature, philosophy, film and music. By re-imagining and manifesting better alternatives for Malaysia’s future, we are freed from our everyday assumptions about what is possible. We can then imagine pathways forward which enable us to embrace bolder visions and hopeful possibilities for Malaysia’s future. If you resonate with the vision of this project, we invite you to grow and support this project via collaborations and conversations. 

As a not-for-profit venture, we welcome values-aligned funders, partners and collaborators including suggestions of programming, improvements or corrections on this website and project.


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Chevening, Project Sponsor for Project Future Malaysia