In The Eyes Of A Vegetable Farmer

About the Work

Sabah is a blessed state that offers its healthy land for sustenance. Our ancestors taught us to responsibly gather the natural resources around us that inspired us to celebrate our beliefs in the spirit of the harvest. But in modern times, modern concepts appeared and made changes that could bring positive impact, but in the meantime may blind us to the negative impact that was brought with it.

This short poetry-comic illustration piece depicts the feelings of a fictional young farmer pondering on the positive and negative outlook of modernity on a healthy land/town known as Kundasang, Ranau. A generational land that is laced with irrelevant opinions towards its infrastructure and identity.

As the city is being milked off of its borderline faux eco-tourism campaign, cities or land as beautiful as Kundasang and abundant in natural resources needed more exposure than ever, to be kept that way while minding the welfare of the people that worked on the land’s resources. Such ideology, if ignored, would affect those who benefit from the land and would leave the ultimate potential for sustainability come to nought.

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About the Creative

Shamrizan or best known by his peers as Sam is a Sabahan Malaysian that started building his freelance career as a digital artist in December 2019. When the pandemic started in March 2020, he lost his job in the city and went back home to his village; Kampung Lajau, Beaufort, Sabah. There, he picked up a stylus, purchased a RM100 drawing app on his android phone and started drawing everyday. In a year, he was able to make an income from taking commissions from his Twitter and Instagram followers. Now, his art style has evolved a lot from 2019 and in 2022 he is known for his minimalist cartoon art style with vibrant, warm tones, and peaceful vibes.

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